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About Us

Penelope Emmons

Penelope Emmons is an ordained minister and medium.  She has given spiritual counseling (readings) for more than twenty years.  When she was a child of three, she recalled and spoke of other times and places and was encouraged by her grandmother to meditate, offer spirit messages, and begin to learn many spiritual traditions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism.

As an adult, teachers and doctors in the Ayurvedic tradition have called Penelope a rishi, a knower or seer who has a highly evolved nervous system. They have used her service to diagnose patients who are at a distance.

To schedule a MARI Assessment or training with Penelope call 717-489-2388 or click here

Psychic Readings Gettysburg, Pennsylania, Mandala Assessment Research Instrument, MARI Assessments, Psychic MediumPenelope has a BS degree in Education and a Masters in Social Work from Temple University.  She has a private counseling and coaching practice in Gettysburg, PA. She graduated from The School of Healing and Prophesy and was ordained as a minister through Fellowships of the Spirit.  Since that time she has offered mediumship and spiritual counseling on many clients’ divine purpose, gifts and life lessons, relationships and other aspects of life, past, present and future.  Penelope brings a unique blend of counseling, coaching, and intuitive and spiritual insight into the questions, challenges and gifts of a person’s life.

In addition to academic degrees she has studied many facets of body, mind (thinking and feeling) and spirit.


Certified in Reiki I and II, and she is a Reiki Master.  Studied reflexology, therapeutic touch, spiritual hands-on healing, polarity, electrical acupuncture evaluation, rebirthing, Akido, Tai Chi and yoga.


Certified as a MARI practitioner and teacher.  Studied and was an assistant teacher of Masters level classes in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Studied with Dr. Lewis Avery, Swami Rama of the Himalayan Institute, Jack Boland, Gilles and Liliane Desjardin, Louise Hay, Alan Cohen and another 100+ metaphysical teachers over the last 30 years.  She is a lecturer and ”platform” medium at Lily Dale Assembly and other churches.


Practices TM, Vipassana, Amma and breathe meditation.  Has trained with more than 50 mediums.  Has taught meditation and mediumship for many years.

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