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MARI: Mandala Assessment Research Instrument

Penelope is a certified MARI practitoner and teacher.

Psychic Readings Gettysburg, Pennsylania, Mandala Assessment Research Instrument, MARI Assessments, Psychic MediumWhen you are ready for more personal growth, the power of the MARI can provide insight in a positive way from the deepest levels of your subconscious.   You can experience dynamic, life changing insights while receiving a comfortable sense of validation for where you are right now.  Your own personal MARI experience is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself!

The MARI experience is available in individual, in person sessions.  The session takes about 1 1/2 hours.

  • Personal MARI experience – $125.00

To schedule a MARI Assessment or training with Penelope call 717-489-2388 or click here

 Penelope will be teaching a 4 hour Mini MARI class in Falls Church, Virginia in September and in West Chester PA in October.   Click here for more information


  • Newest and most comprehensive psychological assessment
  • Based on Jungian concepts –especially the mandala
  • Uses symbols (mandalas), colors, and developmental stages
  • Reveals a visual picture of the psyche
  • Reveals areas of tension and attention in the conscious and unconscious
  • Reveals the inner truth of the individual as it really is
  • The doorway into the psyche
  • A whole brain instrument –measuring both right and left brain contents.


  • There is a remarkable inner connection between symbols and colors and what is going on in the individual’s life
  • The Mari passes beneath the radar of the ego
  • The psyche cannot tolerate self deception
  • Reveals the center of the individual, which is, not ego, but Self
  • The client provides their own intuitive solutions
  • Is based on the client’s urge toward wholeness and individuation
  • Is based on evolutionary biology and psychology


  • CEUS approved by NBCC (6335) and NASW (886461706)
  • A meaningful and authentic personal experience that you can then use with clients
  • Relevant psychological information -both traditional and transpersonal
  • In-depth information around issues of intuition, spirituality and deep mystical states
  • A highly reliable, non-verbal and non-threatening tool
  • Allows for positive, short term therapy
  • Has no bottom-it is as deep as the person is deep
  • Allows for accurate and on-going client tracking
  • Can be used a therapeutic tool


  • Allows for the subject to maintain their own autonomy
  • Client reveals only what they feel comfortable sharing
  • Subject feels they are in control of the while process
  • Client accesses their own intuitive guidance
  • An easy and enjoyable process that goes beneath the radar of consciousness

Penelope  is available for complete MARI training (24-30 CEUs) as requested (click here to learn more!).

mandala assessment research instrument mari assessment mari card test mari creative resources mari mandala psychological assessment instruments

This is an example of a symbol and color pair.

mandala assessment research instrument mari assessment mari card test mari creative resources

This is an example of a subject’s MARI choices on the Great Round. (No symbols are shown). Possible brief interpretation: This client appears to be struggling with an issue that is causing heaviness in her sense of self. It appears that she is intuitive and senses that things can resolve. She is beginning to have new understanding and energy. Chances are that the struggle is not long term.

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