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On Spirit Mediumship

Many times in the past fifty years I have said: I think this (paranormal) information comes just because I can know anything by becoming still and knowing. Yet just as often I decide it is telepathy, or being a clairvoyant rishi (a knower or seer). Then I am talking as a medium with a sitter, and I get goose bumps with strong feelings of love or elation to be talking with the person, an intensity of devotion beyond what I have felt personally, or occasionally a fear or physical pain sensation that comes out of the blue and has nothing to do with who I am. Unless some scientist figures out how to measure these spontaneous sensations/emotions, how can we detect the differences among telepathy, clairvoyance, and now-moment communication with a spiritual being?

As we were researching spirit mediumship some years ago I came to the conclusion it was ESP, just knowing.

Psychic Readings Gettysburg, Pennsylania, Mandala Assessment Research Instrument, MARI Assessments, Psychic MediumThen I went to the Forest Temple service and asked a woman if she would like a message. These are short, public messages without much feedback. My eyes were draw to a woman’s wedding ring. I sensed a spirit of someone standing too close behind me. (If someone violated your personal space by moving within 3 inches behind you, you would know it.) I “knew” it was a man; it was like my becoming the spirit. Yet I still retained my personal self, so I silently asked who it was and saw a clairvoyant image of silver with the letters R. R. in fancy script. That instantly faded, and I felt swamped with love for the woman I was speaking to. As much love and devotion as I have ever felt in my life. Then I heard, external to me, the man crack a joke that he came to Lily Dale today without her dragging him. I thought he called her Angel Eyes, and again I felt intense love for her. I so longed to hold her close instead of remaining at the front of the group as I did. I then clairvoyantly viewed an image of a swan on a lake and heard him say that he was pleased with the choices she was making. Again I was flooded with love for her, felt pleasure from looking at her. I experienced all of this, and told it to her in less time than it has taken me to write it. Total time . . . under three minutes, total love . . . immeasurable.

After the service the woman came up to me and expressed how important a healing those few words were. Her husband had died the past year, and today was their anniversary. She then verified the precise language and images I had received. A year before she had asked her husband to come to Lily Dale with her as her anniversary present. Now she was tickled he had come from another place without complaint a year later! His name was Ralph Rosenblad, and two silver soup spoons had his father’s initials, for Rolf Rosenblad. Since his death she had decided to sell the home they had lived in for years and buy a condo west of town on a lake. What had helped her make the decision was a swan she had seen gliding by when she viewed the property. Since then she had moved and often wondered what he would think about her selling the home of their life together. She said her name was Angelina, and she had been feeling so lonesome on her first wedding anniversary without him, yet now she felt so loved and treasured by him.

While I may have used ESP (clairvoyance and telepathy), I think his spirit was also present. I had never before walked in another’s shoes experiencing love beyond measure. What a healing gift to all three of us!

Psychic Readings From An “Insider’s” Perspective

Charlie has asked me to provide an “insider’s” point of view or frame. In sharing my experiences with spirit mediumship, another example stands out to me because the spirit consciousness appeared to be having a present-moment conversation with me in a private reading, as well as with the “sitter.” As I meditated before the woman arrived I heard that I should go outside and cut a rose for her. I did so. It was a peace rose. Then when Maria, whom I did not know before, arrived, the spirit first commented on how I was inappropriately dressed. I was wearing orange socks. She began to describe herself: she would wear silk stockings and be certain the seams were straight. She would sit with her back straight and not cross-legged like I was. Her tone of voice was a reprimand for not being lady-like. She went on to describe herself as being like Queen Elizabeth’s cousin, a lady, and she showed me herself even with a similar purse on her arm. Then I heard the name Ileana and thought about a picture I had seen in the past of the Tsar of Russia’s family. Next I had an image of South America, and said Argentina. The spirit said the name Alexandra, (at this point I thought of my granddaughter who has that name, but I just said that she was talking about Alexandra). She showed me a picture of Carlow College in Pittsburgh, PA where another daughter of mine had gone to school, and I heard the word “convent.” I shared the thought of Pittsburgh and a convent.

At this point I asked the sitter, Maria, if this description made any sense to her. She answered yes, so I went on with a message from this spirit to her. It mostly involved the fact that she was sorry but understood her choices in going west (Colorado), getting married, choosing a different way of life. And the two of them had never said goodbye. She wanted to bestow her blessing, belatedly, onto Maria and to say, “Peace be with you.” As the spirit withdrew from the room she told me to give the (peace) rose to Maria to take with her.

Maria said that it all made sense. The spirit was the former Princess Ileana of Romania, who was literally the cousin of Queen Elizabeth of England and related also to the Tsar of Russia. The princess emigrated to Argentina because of the politics of World War Two and eventually ended up in Pittsburgh as the head of an Eastern Orthodox convent. At that point she had changed her name from Ileana to Mother Alexandra. She became Maria’s godmother and wanted Maria to switch from a Roman Catholic convent to her own. Disagreement over this issue led to an unresolved tension in their relationship. The spirit communication in this reading amounted to a reconciliation after death.

Comments from Charles Emmons: Parapsychologist, Spiritualist, & Sociologist’s Perspective

We both found it interesting that Maria accepted the accuracy and detail of the reading without amazement (after all, Penelope was just doing her job). The parapsychologist in me finds this case amazingly evidential. After all, what were the odds that Maria’s godmother was actually Queen Elizabeth’s cousin, not to mention all the other details? However, because all of the information in the reading was known by the sitter (Maria), a parapsychologist would say that it could have been “merely” a case of telepathy (Penelope reading Maria’s mind) rather than a conversation with a departed spirit. Spiritualists would tend to frame it as the latter.

The sociologist in me knows that the most important thing about the reading was that it had the function of helping Maria come to peace with her important unresolved disagreement with her godmother. However, I also think it is important to take Penelope’s experience seriously. Phenomenologically, from the medium’s perspective, it is important to note that the reading felt like a real conversation with another intelligence. This type of evidence for survival is also important.

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